About Us

We’re fiercely proud of our client list which includes global brands, corporates, SMEs and local businesses. All of them rely on us to deliver exceptional managed services, tailored to their needs.

Many have been with us for over 25 years. Ask them why and “trust”, “reliability” and “a proactive approach” are recurring themes.

What makes us Alternative?

  • Managed IT and Document services, uniquely delivered from a single source
  • Underpinned by international quality standards and accreditation
  • Passion for technology, innovation and service
  • Scaleable solutions. City Head Office to temporary office, with no service reduction
  • Experience, expertise and pedigree dating back to 1992
  • A reputation for integrity, honesty and problem-solving
  • Canon Platinum Partner since the programme's launch

Ethos and Mission

Being Alternative

An Alternative Ethos

As we've grown we've stayed true to our original ethos around people, services and partners.

People - We recruit new team members based not just on whether their skills add value, but that they fit what we stand for. Which means they're always highly trained and experienced, but also committed to going “above and beyond” what customers expect.

Services - Our services may be split into categories, but our clients are not. Whatever size the organisation, whatever their sector or business model, our approach is wholly customer-centric. Large and small they enjoy the same service, to the same exacting standards.

Partnerships - We partner only with organisations, many of them international and household names, that deliver best-of-breed IT and document-related products.

Our Mission

Our stated mission

To be a market leader in the provision of IT and Document services which sit at the core of our customers' businesses, solving their complex problems with the minimum of fuss.

We are Alternative

Working together

Our clients choose to work with us as strategic partners, meaning we become trusted advisors. This is what we offer:-

  • Managed Document Services
  • IT Services
  • Managed Print Services
  • Audits & Consultancy
  • ProPrint
Our services

Awards and accreditations

Quality is embedded in what we do, but it's also independently audited and verified.

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