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While many of the challenges they face are similar to those of larger businesses, small to medium-sized enterprises typically have less resource and access to specialist skills. And, while automating systems and keeping pace with technology are key to remaining competitive, achieving that's not always possible for operational directors and business owners busy simply keeping the wheels turning.

Our Managed Services offering – comprising MDS, MPS and IT services – is well-placed to counter these issues. Our solutions and processes for the management of documents as well as the provision of networks, equipment and applications are scaled to fit their budget and needs. Which means that small businesses can enjoy the same benefits and efficiencies as their larger counterparts.

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Customer Experience

Alternative is the supplier of choice for our managed document services for very good reason. Quite simply we have found in them a level of trust that we haven’t had before.

Client - law firm

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Quality is embedded in what we do, but it's also independently audited and verified.

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