To remain lean, efficient and competitive, effective management of an organisation’s documents and workflows is a must

Managed Document Services

In today’s high-tech world where data is the life-blood of many businesses, and information is exchanged at an increasingly rapid pace, doing that consistently and securely is paramount.

Which means extracting the best possible value from every process within the input-output environment, and at each touchpoint throughout a document’s lifecycle.

MDS from Alternative relies on a winning combination of equipment and applications, delivered by experienced consultants and engineers. Customers across a broad spectrum, from FTSE to SME, trust us to deliver improved operational performance, reduced costs and greater workflow efficiencies.

Scalable Solutions

Proven Methodology

While every customer and site is unique, we approach all projects with a proven 6-phase methodology to: -

  • Review - the existing environment and resources
  • Recommend - a solution that counters the challenges faced
  • Implement - the agreed elements of this
  • Manage - on an on-going basis either remotely or on-site
  • Monitor - regularly report on status, trends and efficiencies
  • Review - to ensure continuous improvement

End-to-end strategy

However data flows in to your business, whether in digital or paper format, our consultants work to determine its optimum process and workflow. From capture and scanning, through intelligent routing, indexing, storage, archiving, retrieval, printed output (and even destruction) they propose and roll-out a blueprint for the entire organisation. The benefits are many and include:-

  • Removal of manual and unproductive processes
  • An automated streamlined workflow
  • Enforcement of determined approvals and policies
  • Reduced costs associated with physical storage
  • Elimination of bottlenecks, frustration and delays
  • Brand compliance, GDPR and security auditing
  • Environmental and "green" practices
  • Optimisation of every page and touchpoint

MDS can be delivered either remotely, on-site, or if you prefer, a combination of both.

MDS from Alternative

We’re a trusted partner, with the professionalism, skills and experience you’d expect from a global brand, but with a more personal service-delivery.

Though we typically forge long-term strategic partnerships with our customers, we're also happy to work as specialists on a one-off project, or consultants on a specific issue.

We have both ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditations and Platinum Partner status with Canon. Please contact us to learn more.

Customer Experience

Alternative took the time to listen to our requirements and came up with a proposal that met all of our expectations and more.

Client - large charitable foundation

Awards and accreditations

Quality is embedded in what we do, but it's also independently audited and verified.

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